How to play Letter Boxed by NYTimes


Letter Box is fun. You have to get rid of all these letters, you have to use all of these letters in the least number of words possible and you can bounce between walls but cannot stay on the same wall. So looking at the sample puzzle you can’t connect G L E. You have to bounce between G(left) O(right) and L(left).

As you can notice Letterboxed takes place around a box. We have three letters on each sides and you must connect them to make words which are at least 3 letters long. The letters one one side cannot be used consecutively and the last letter of each word must be the starting letter of the next word. Your goal as a player is to use up all the 12 letters in as few words as possible.  Five words is a good average but If you try harder you can also make it with two or three.

Unlike other games like the crossword which has its specifics and language oddities that can frustrate beginners, Letter Boxed relies on the words the player most likely is familiar with, in fact letter boxed is quite the opposite of the crossword puzzle in terms of the word play. Although there is one correct letter for each box, the game design of letterboxed allows you an endless variety of words that make use of the 12 letters. As a quick help you may reveal yesterday’s answers in the game.

  • Words must be at least 3 letters long
  • Connect letters to spell words
  • Consecutive letters cannot be from the same side
  • Letters can be re-used
  • The last letter of current word must be the first letter of the next word
  • You must use all 12 letters to solve the words.

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